Update for 2014

lol i’m terrible at this whole update thing >.<

Claire- Vegetarian

Bella- Vegan

Helen- Vegan

Josee - Vegan

Tori- Vegan

Dita- Vegetarian

Jennifer- Vegan

Rachel- Vegan

Lucy- Vegan

Moila- Vegan

December update:)


Shannon- Vegan

Brittney- Vegetarian

Nandini- Vegetarian

Devyani- Vegetarian

Another update


Anna- Vegetarian

Ashley- Vegetarian

Kennie- Vegan

Tionne- Vegan

Fayie- Vegetarian

Georgia- Vegan

Nikki- Vegetarian

Starleen- Vegetarian

So much for regular updates; life gets in the way yannoe? Sorry yall!! :)

Update timee

So here’s the first update I’ve published in a while hahaha sorry for being so sporadic. Back to regular updates next week!

Mollie- Vegan

Stefanie- Vegan

Piper- Vegetarian

Kelly- Vegan

Jennifer- Vegetarian

Erin- Vegan

Callie- Vegan

Dari- Vegetarian

Zack- Vegan

Katie- Vegan

Rachel- Vegetarian

Johanna- Vegetarian

Alinta- Vegetarian

Madeline- Vegan

Tereza- Vegetarian

Added 8/5 - 8/22:

Emily - Vegetarian

Mollie - Vegan

Clara - Vegan

Kelly - Vegan

Week of 7/21- 7/28 Updates!


Kelsey- Vegetarian

Poova- Vegetarian

Jenn- Vegan

Diana- Vegetarian

Lauren- Vegetarian

Brooke- Vegetarian

Week of 7/14-7/20 updates


Jessica- Vegan

Sophia- Vegetarian

Julz- Vegan

Naomi- Vegan


Week of 7/7 - 7/13 Updates


Zuzka- Vegetarian

Taylor- Vegan

Kristen- Vegan

Jen- Vegetarian

Jordan- Vegan

Megan- Vegan